3 Methods To Enhance Your Brainpower

Everyone wants to be smart and intelligent. The abundance of “nootropics”, i.e. pills and powders which are promising you to enhance your cognition, attests to this reality. But there is another reason why they are so abundant. It`s because those things are so convenient. It´s always the same. In finance it´s the guru who says his strategy will make you rich in a month, in fitness it´s the trainer who tells you his program makes you sixpack-lean in 4 weeks and in the supplement industry it´s the secret sauce-bcaa-glutamine drink that quadriples your testosterone. In every field there are those convenient (pseudo) shortcuts. But as you can already tell from my ironic tone – those quick shortcuts are bullshit and cost a lot of money. Think rationally, if there were a pill which transforms you into Einstein, don´t you think everyone would already use it? It is better to say goodbye to the shiny world of promises and enter the world of science. It turns out, there are things which are cheap, accessible, safe and proven to bolster your brainpower. Intrigued? Let´s dive into those opportunities…. Continue reading “3 Methods To Enhance Your Brainpower”

Use caffeine the right way!

Imagine there would be something that boosts your brainpower, makes you feel like you want to run a marathon, is cheap and  proven by science. Interested? Then let me introduce you to caffeine and the reason why so many people drink coffee on a regular basis, but don´t get a response from it.

The problem is that they violate almost every rule there is about consuming caffeine. “Rules?,” you might think. Yes, rules and there is even more to it… In this article I will boil down the science of caffeine and craft it to 2 simple rules. Those two strategies will allow you to enhance your cognitive capacity by avoiding to get tolerant to caffeine. Continue reading “Use caffeine the right way!”

How to look good naked

Before you read this article, ask yourself- why should you trust me? Why should you listen to my advice on training? Isn´t there already a myriad of “6-week-programs” out there? How can you be sure that this isn´t just another one? Could it be that I’ am just a random guy who has heard one or two things about fitness and now wants to blog about it?

The essential question is: how can you tell if something is a thoughtful article or just bullshit advice? Here are my arguments, 1. Scientific references: When I claim something, it is backed up by scientific studies and facts. 2. I don´t excessively promote things that I want to sell you 3. There are no ridiculous claims, like this diet will make you lean, strong, successful, charismatic, …      4. No extremism: There isn´t such thing as the one correct answer. If you disagree with something just comment and we´ll discuss about it.    

Now we are going to talk about building up muscles. If you are a woman you may think “nah, I don´t want to become bulky,” but this topic is relevant for men and women alike. Because when girls say they want a better shape, that means nothing else than reducing body fat and building muscle mass. Continue reading “How to look good naked”

Plan your day – become more productive!

In our century everything is about being and having more. We must work more, earn more, see more, fuck more, experience more, tweet more, lift more, travel more… As Mark Manson demonstrated, media tells us to give more fucks, especially about the things mentioned above. But we have got only so much attention, time and willpower to spend. Therefore we need to decide what really matters to us and ignore the whole rest. So why should productivity be on your small list of priorities? Because if we use productivity the right way, we get things done faster and carve out more time for things we want to give a fuck about. In other words: it allows you to get your assignments done faster, allowing you to spend more time going out wasting yourself, spend time with your family or just binge watch Netflix. In this article I’m going to show you how to schedule your day to increase your productivity. Therefore, I provide 3 steps, which will be presented in the following structure: Continue reading “Plan your day – become more productive!”


Why should you read this article?

Did you ever find yourself wasting time before starting an important task? Bouncing endlessly between your favorite apps or just reading one more article before getting started? Doing “short” cleanups? Or starting a boring chat with someone at work for no good reason?

Then you might as well, have one or two little problems with procrastination.

Learning this the hard way, I was wondering why I wasn´t that productive, even though I cut my Internet usage back to a minimum. Because of this, I began to track how I spent every hour of my day. The result: I was wasting 1-3hours a day on unnecessary household work.

In reality, I still was a massively procrastinating – constantly searching for a more interesting stimulus than what I wanted to do. Just because one associates this behavior with Facebook, Twitter and News Websites, doesn´t mean you can´t fall victim to it without. You can interchange those services with other tasks as well. Continue reading “Procrastination”